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Sign Up Station

Below are all of the signup sheets listed, for various spots to be filled at St. Jude’s, from Sunday School teaching to any Outreach event. Just pick a sheet, click on the title and fill in the required boxes. And, just to be clear with you, the ONLY thing that appears in “public” will be your first name and last initial. Everything else goes internally to the church, so that we can contact you, when necessary. If you have any questions, or concerns, they can be addressed by sending an email to Tracie or Liz, in the church office. For any Outreach questions, please refer those to Dave Rayner.

Family Promise Guideline Information can be downloaded from here:
Overnight Host Guidelines
Food Serving Guidelines
Saturday Host Guidelines

**NOTE: For questions regarding the internal workings of any sign up sheet, or if you find an error (i.e., wrong date, time, etc), please email me (Debbie) directly at debbiemcwilliams00@gmail.com so I can fix it. Thank you.**

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.


Thank you for volunteering: “Many hands make light work.”