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SCRIP is fund raising while you shop!!!

Raise money by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing and entertainment. Each scrip gift card you buy earns a rebate for your non-profit organization. Scrip is the powerful, “no-selling” fundraiser.

Print an order form and order SCRIP for you shopping needs. Family Order Form-Rev.Jan2015

If you do not see you favorite store listed for you SCRIP needs, check here, and just add to the St Jude’s order form.

droppedImageOnce you have followed the link to the Great Lakes SCRIP Center, you will see the “Retailer List” at the bottom of the website page. You can browse “alphabetically” or “by category”. Once you have found your retailer all you need to do is write it in on our St Jude’s Family Order Form shown above.