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Have you ever been on a journey? How did you prepare?

Journeys imply a change in location. There’s usually some kind of planning involved. A destination needs to be chosen, plans about how to get there need to be finalized, all kinds of little details including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, need to be finalized. If the journey is going to last more than a day there’s packing that needs to be attended to. The journey may require snacks for nourishment along the way. Sometimes those plans are made well in advance. Sometimes they’re made almost on the fly.

That’s one kind of journey. There’s another phrase that we sometimes talk about to describe another kind of journey.

Spiritual journey. Have you ever heard that phrase? Have you ever spent time thinking about your own spiritual journey? Are the words themselves stumbling blocks leaving you wonder just what it is that a spiritual journey is about? Perhaps think of it as your evolving relationship with God, with your higher power. When talking about a spiritual journey it might be helpful to think about the elements in a “regular” journey.

I wonder:

  • Where is it that you hope your spiritual journey takes you?
  • Who needs to be on the journey with you?
  • What do you need to take with you?
  • What nourishment do you need along the way?
  • What are the pointers that send you in a particular direction?
  • Have you ever tracked your spiritual journey? What does it look like? Who has joined you on your journey? What have they left you with?
  • How might God be inviting you to be a spiritual companion for another?

As I look back on my own spiritual journey, I can see that the road has been anything but flat and straight. There have been hills and valleys, curves and road blocks, times where the journey seems to be pretty predictable and times where I’ve been totally surprised.

What has been constant is that I’ve never been alone. Even in those times that I’ve felt alone, looking back it was never so. There was always someone journeying with me. Sometimes those companions have been tangible. And sometimes they have been intangible and perhaps not what you might think of as a “companion”.
Images that float repeatedly to my mind.

That song that just won’t go away and seems to be pointing in a certain direction. Images of similar times that flash across my memories.
The list could go on and on.

I’m humbled to join you on that holy ground that is your spiritual journey. And I’m honored to have you join me on mine. May our journey together be one that opens us up to and invites us into a deeper relationship with God! It is my hope that through this blog and our interaction here in this online space we will discover together tools that help us discover how we might be companions and be companioned. Will you join me on an unpredictable, holy journey?