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What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?

Have you ever asked that question? Where have your wonderings taken you?

The Bible has a variety of answers to this question as well. Jesus begins his descriptions with the phrase, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”. The stories he tells are varied and wide in scope.

Over the summer the Revised Common Lectionary that determines which readings we proclaim on any given Sunday, took us through a number of these stories. Parables that describe the indescribable. I wonder if the power of some of the parables has been lost because the stories are so well known today that the shock value Jesus may have originally intended. The images that Jesus used in his day also may not be images that connect with today’s people in the same way.

As I began wondering along those paths, I wondered what parable images might work in today’s world. What do you think? Would you like to dream with us some new parables for today? Using what we know of Jesus’ parables and how they spoke in his day, would you write a parable for today?

Please leave a comment to this blog entry with a parable for today. Let’s see where our creativity leads…



  1. Debbie James

    The Kingdom of Heaven is like attending a play. When the lights go out, you’re full of anticipation and suspense. When the curtain and lights come up, if you suspend your disbelief, the play (or the world) comes alive right in front of you and it has the power to change your life.

    Remember that God, the write and director, wants us all to play our part…

  2. Debbie James

    The kingdom of heaven is like children playing in the sprinkler…

    A group of children were taken into the yard on a very hot summer day where a sprinkler was watering the grass. Some of the children who had seen a sprinkler before ran right to it, jumping through the water, laughing and shrieking with delight. Children who had never seen a sprinkler would come up close (being beckoned by the other children). Some didn’t need too much encouragement and ran through it, and they too began shrieking with delight. Some circled and ran away, but not before getting a drop or two on them. The water felt so cool, and refreshing and the other children were having so much fun that they were soon won over, and they too began running through the sprinkler over and over again, laughing a shrieking with delight. All were refreshed on that beautiful hot summer day…

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