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Summer Adventures with Jesus

Summer adventures. Do you have something planned? What are you planning on taking with you?

Last General Convention, two years ago, I was introduced to “Flat Jesus” for the first time. Josh Hoover had already left St. Jude’s and we served together as Clergy Deputies for the Diocese of Eastern Michigan. He’d brought with him a number of laminated and beautifully colored Jesus figures. His church was inviting us to bring Flat Jesus along wherever we went at General Convention and take pictures of his adventures. My Flat Jesus sat with me on the floor of the House of Deputies and he helped me with the voting device, he rested against my water bottle so he could get a good view of everything that was taking place, he wandered through the hall of displays many times, he visited the local grocery stores and markets to stock up on breakfast and lunch foods, and he joined me a few times as we went out to eat dinner together. He was a busy Flat Jesus and I found it so much fun to post pictures of our adventures together. I’m sad to say that since returning from General Convention he’s found his place on my book shelf at home, rarely, if ever making an appearance. In short, he’s been rather bored and likely felt very left out.

On June 18 Kris Forsyth invited us to take a Flat Jesus along on our summer adventures and when my Jesus heard that this was happening he jumped for joy! Finally, he would be able to see something other than the same old books he’s been seeing for two years! How exciting! He wondered what he was going to see. Would he be taken along for grand adventures? Would he join in everyday activities? Who would he meet? Family? Friends? Strangers? Hearing and seeing your

What I discovered on carrying my Flat Jesus with me through my daily activities at General Convention was that I was much more conscious of the presence of Jesus all of the time. I found this interesting as I’m a person who is almost always conscious of the presence of Jesus.

So now Kris is bringing Flat Jesus to St. Jude’s! And we have a few options available for posting your adventures with Flat Jesus. You could e-mail or text either Kris or me and we will post your adventures from there. Or you could visit out church website and click on the Blog – Our Journey Together tab. From there visit the blog entry entitled “Summer Adventures with Jesus” and post your adventure as a comment. The information you need is listed below.

I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures with Jesus and seeing your photos of Flat Jesus!

Tracie Little+

SIDE NOTE: If you have difficulty posting a photo in the comment section of this blog (and you might), please post your comment, but send your photo to Debbie Fry at debbiemcwilliams00@gmail.com and she will make sure the photo gets added to your respective comments. Thank you!


  1. Dave Rayner

    Flat Jesus sharing Fathers Day!

  2. Dave Rayner

    Flat Jesus blessing the Rose Breasted Grosbeak!

  3. Dave Rayner

    Surprise! Jesus showed up this morning with the crew that is staining our house. Thanks Steve James!

  4. Nancy Day

    Flat Jesus had a great time at book club tonight but for some reason wouldn’t eat the ham.


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