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New life… Resurrection…

…themes of the Easter season in which we will find ourselves this month.  A time to ask ourselves, are we living evidence of the resurrection?  Do our lives as individuals and as a faith community reflect the new life that we profess?  If you can’t answer right away, no worries.  As an Easter people we need to be continually asking ourselves those questions, reflecting on where it is that new life is emerging and how we can participate in God’s Kingdom constantly being revealed.

Easter provides us with 50 days of not just celebration – it also provides a framework for continuing to discern where new life is emerging in our midst; it provides a time for reflection on how we are doing with living a resurrection life in word and in deed.  May our reflections help us to more clearly see the Kingdom of God at work in our lives and in the life of the world.

As we move through the remainder of our Lenten journey and as we take those first steps into Holy Week and Easter, may the many opportunities that St. Jude’s offers help us all to see resurrection in our daily lives.

Where are you seeing signs of new life?  Why not share your story of how you are seeing new life emerging…