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Author Archive: Tracie Little

New Beginnings.

New beginnings. It’s something that I’ve been reflecting on since applying for and being accepted into the D.Min. in Preaching program.  New beginnings bring change.  Already the program has brought change into my life with lots of extra reading and…
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New life… Resurrection… …themes of the Easter season in which we will find ourselves this month.  A time to ask ourselves, are we living evidence of the resurrection?  Do our lives as individuals and as a faith community reflect the…
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What do you think of when you hear the word “Lent”? What images come to mind? What sounds do you hear? What spiritual practices have you tried in the past? Lent is one of those seasons of preparation. For 40…
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For about 30 years now I’ve been building a Christmas nativity crèche. My godmother started me on it with the basic set – with four wise ones because we really don’t know the number of wise ones that visited. Over…
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